MKMMA- Week 11

Holy Moly its Wednesday already!  Major meeting tomorrow for our company.  Spent the beginning of the week getting ready, still doing my readings, and cards with enthussssiasm!  Last night, I noticed my copy of the Gal in the Glass had more tape around it.  The corners were bending.  I didn’t do it, my wonderful husband took it upon himself to fix it for me!  He said he can’t read it with the corners folding in.  I have noticed he sits in his office while I am listening to our sessions.  He is my mastermind partner.    Loving scroll III (GS).  What a great read first thing in the morning.  I feel more confident everyday.  Old subby has been slipping away, but this week, I feel like old subby is gone.  Doesn’t mean I will forget to keep working to keep subby away, work still needs to be done everyday.  Enjoying my lifes journey!