Hump Day Week 10

How many have been able to do the mental exercise #24? I find it very challenging. This has been the first time I am stumped. I am going to try at different times of the day. Maybe when I well rested it will happen. ūüėé i am not giving up! Marks comments about not doing the readings to keep your scholarship, but to do them for yourself, and to grow, really hit home. It has been a list to check off. I know what needs to be done, so enjoy the activities and expand and grow my inner self.

Week 9-MKMMA

Sundays session gave me the necessary clarity I needed as to why we are doing what we are doing.  I guess I needed to know the details of our actions.  This week things are running much smoother, even though its holiday week.  When I know why I am doing something, I find it much easier to plan and schedule.

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I have been thinking about how blessed I am.  Thanksgiving should be everyday. My sitting for 15 minutes was more challenging today with all the preparations for the festivities tomorrow.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your day, enjoy life!

Week 8

It has been a really trying week. The reading in the morning is happening, but as the day goes forward, I am losing my schedule. I feel so out of it. Last night i almost fell asleep during dinner! I was in bed by 8:30, started reading GS and fell asleep book in hand. Both businesses have taken on a life of their own, in a good way.

Marks suggestion to cut the cord on the TV, was not an issue, we don’t have cable, we are usually outside enjoying life, and friends. I am spending today regrouping, calendar out, trying to change things around.

With love in my heart, I wish everyone a fabulous day!

End week 7

Great week! I feel everything is falling into place. I see green triangles, red circles, yellow squares and blue rectangles all over the place. The readings are now habit, and if my husband cant find me, he knows I’m in our green space, taking my 20 min sit time. I’m not the only one who has changed, my husband has watched what I am doing, and sees the improvements in my life. So, he has implemented some habits of his own. I still need to finish my recordings but all caught up.

I look forward to our Sunday sessions, a time to grow a little more!

Week 7

What a week! ¬†Last week I felt behind because I was away on Sunday, and I didn’t get a chance to watch the Sunday session until Wednesday! ¬†I feel like I am still catching up! ¬†But, my board is almost there. ¬†Added the last items today, so now I will take a picture and create my bookmark.

7 day diet!  It is a struggle, but the times between starting over is so much longer.  Today, is the first day, I am still in the running.  Did one of my recordings today, feels weird listening to my voice.

I really enjoy my 15 minute sit.  I look forward to coming home from work, and the first thing I do is sit, I feel focused and ready to work on my PPN.

End of week 6

It’s been a trying but successful week. Started with flying home from NY to surprise my daughter at her Halloween party. She had no idea I was coming. But, she thought is was me, by looking into my eyes! Success! She said she knew it was me by my loving eyes! I missed the weekly class because of flights. Wednesday I finally listened to it! Jumped right in, and the only thing I still have to finish my board. One of my goals is a Kadey Krogen 45 ft yacht. My husband and I went to the Fort Lauderdale boat show, and stepped onto a brand new one. Tears and a green triangle flashed into my eyes! Wow I took a picture for my board! Can’t wait for week 7!

Week 5

Just returned from my surprise visit to New York. I dressed up as Cleopatra, eyes included, and went to my daughters annual Halloween Party. She did not know I had flown from Miami to Syracuse, NY. I think the scream was so loud, it was heard around the world! All my children and grandsons! Now back to work!