Its almost over

Today is the last day as a business owner. Tomorrow we should be signing the paperwork. What a long drawn out process. But, it will be worth it. I can now get back into my regular routine, uninterrupted. I have agreed to stay on until December 31st to help with the transition.

I have learned a lot going thru this process. Patience is something I had lost since my children moved out. I have learned to stay calm and work thru the situations. There have been many quotes from Master Key Experience, that have gotten me thru the late nights balancing and rebalancing financials. I am so looking forward to rereading the past few weeks of MMK material.

Week 16 and onward to 17

As you all know, by now, the story about removing “the sale of our Traditional Company”. I removed it from my DMP so I had more words for the 3 other goals. However, that is the goal that has the most activity. I am up to my eye balls in financials, tax returns, sales tax reports, and preparing the financial discovery for a company looking at either a partnership or a buy out! We have a meeting in Atlanta tomorrow!

Needless to say, I have been doing my readings and listening. Some cards, but I feel like I have not done all that I am suppose to. Maybe after tomorrow, things may calm down a bit. I know the universe works when it feels the time is right, and I have to go with the opportunity. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I dont want to lose my place here because I am not doing all the exercises. I feel like I’m in a dream!

Week 15 Franklin Makeover

Thank you everyone for your support on my week 14 blog post. I realized I worked very hard to get where I am. I dont talk about all I pushed through because I would be talking in negative terms. I DESERVE all that I have. That is a major step for me. I am a successful business woman, I greet everyone with love in my heart.

Now for the Franklin Makeover, i chose discipline as my virtue that needs the most work. At least I thought it did. It needs work, but I had no idea how disciplined I really am. I have my routine, and I stick to it. I have to be flexible, but I continue. I saw it everywhere, my company, the gym, the grocery store. Yes the grocery store, i noticed carts full of good food. They were disciplined in their food choices. The young couple at the table next to us, with 2 young children, coloring and talking with their parents, saying thank you to the waitress. Its true, what you focus on, grows.

Week 14 Concentrating on the positive

I have found in the past, my concentrating on the positive is the opposite of what most people think about. My family is a typical family. Their conversations are all about the aches and pains of life. When I speak of my current life, they look at me like I have 2 heads! Their recent comment was, what cult are you now following? I have always been the “black sheep of the family”. I would rather be a black sheep than one of them. As I ran out of 3×5 cards, I realize I have a fabulous life already! As I’m sitting on our boat, I look out over the water and thank my creator for all that has come into my life. Here is where I stumble, i am grateful, but when I speak of all that has come into my life, I feel like I am bragging. Am I taking on their feelings? Am I being too sensitive? I was a single mom of 3 wonderful kids. Worked a full time job and a part time network marking business. They are all grown, I live in Miami, and here I am, enjoying my hard work!

Sunday Week 14

I have on and off used a gratitude journal so writing what I am grateful for is easy for me. We are enjoying our boat for the Christmas Holiday when at sunset I always blow the conch horn. I am always grateful for a safe day on the water. Here is the history:

It is a modern day ritual to blow the “Pū” (coIt is a modern day ritual to blow the “Pū” (conch) to say goodbye at sunset to end the day and to say Mahalo (thanks). … The ceremonial Hawaiian practice of blowing the conch shell dates back to the ancient times and continues in many present day traditions. Blowing the Pu is a deep part of Hawaiian culture.nch) to say goodbye at sunset to end the day and to say Mahalo (thanks). … The ceremonial Hawaiian practice of blowing the conch shell dates back to the ancient times and continues in many present day traditions. Blowing the Pu is a deep part of Hawaiian culture.

Week 13-where do I start

I can’t believe its Saturday morning.  All packed and ready to leave.  As I continued with my reads, writing my accomplishments, what I’m gratefull for, I have realized, when I started MKE I looked at it as a way to kick start my business.  Now, I look at it as a NEW ME!  I read comments before I submitted my application, but I had no idea where this would take me.  Everday is now Christmas!

Have a safe, and Fabulous Holiday!

Week 12

This week has flown by. When I first did my DMP I included a goal of finding investors for our company. Retirement is around the corner. As I was working on my rewrites I decided to leave that out and continue on my personal goals, because of the limit on words. The other goals are moving, but, things are really moving with our company. We now have 2 companies that are looking at us. I cant wait to see what the New Year brings. Earlier today I read a posting by hereinspired, I recommend to read it. Manu pointers!