Week 16 and onward to 17

As you all know, by now, the story about removing “the sale of our Traditional Company”. I removed it from my DMP so I had more words for the 3 other goals. However, that is the goal that has the most activity. I am up to my eye balls in financials, tax returns, sales tax reports, and preparing the financial discovery for a company looking at either a partnership or a buy out! We have a meeting in Atlanta tomorrow!

Needless to say, I have been doing my readings and listening. Some cards, but I feel like I have not done all that I am suppose to. Maybe after tomorrow, things may calm down a bit. I know the universe works when it feels the time is right, and I have to go with the opportunity. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I dont want to lose my place here because I am not doing all the exercises. I feel like I’m in a dream!

8 thoughts on “Week 16 and onward to 17”

      1. Advice? Can’t say I expected to be asked, but since you did… yes most f all, make sure you get enough cash/assets so that if they ruin the business, decide to stop paying, sue etc… that you’ll be ok writing off the rest if you have to.


  1. Nancy, I know that one of the Franklin Makeover virtue that you worked on was “Discipline” and you have this quality already in you so I believe that you will come though these challenges! Also I believe that this struggle is a necessary step toward “Self-directed thinker” for your hero’s journey!

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  2. I remember in one of the first Digital Solutions webinars that we were told that our blog entries didn’t need to be 200-300 words. If you are in the middle of manifesting your DMP, I suggest catching up by posting one or two sentence posts until you have time to do longer ones again. Great job continuing your readings and flashing those cards in the midst of all the activity! 😉

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