Week 15 Franklin Makeover

Thank you everyone for your support on my week 14 blog post. I realized I worked very hard to get where I am. I dont talk about all I pushed through because I would be talking in negative terms. I DESERVE all that I have. That is a major step for me. I am a successful business woman, I greet everyone with love in my heart.

Now for the Franklin Makeover, i chose discipline as my virtue that needs the most work. At least I thought it did. It needs work, but I had no idea how disciplined I really am. I have my routine, and I stick to it. I have to be flexible, but I continue. I saw it everywhere, my company, the gym, the grocery store. Yes the grocery store, i noticed carts full of good food. They were disciplined in their food choices. The young couple at the table next to us, with 2 young children, coloring and talking with their parents, saying thank you to the waitress. Its true, what you focus on, grows.

4 thoughts on “Week 15 Franklin Makeover”

  1. Nancy, that’s great that you noticed that you already have this quality in you. Through this training, you are becoming more and more in tune with yourself and aware of who truly you are.


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