Week 4- Breathe, Breathe

This week is packed with activity.  Sneaking in my readings, and working on my press release.  I have problems with letting go and writing.  Never easy for me.  But, I  started with “Do it now, do it now” and I did it.  Not exactly what I wanted, but I completed the task.  I will be traveling starting t tomorrow to New York.  Some fun times ahead.  I am attending my oldest daughters Halloween party, she is 41, but she doesn’t know I am coming.  It will be a surprise, and can’t wait to see how long it will take her to figure out who is behind my mask!

So, with family obligations, and reading and posting and reciting, fun filled rest of the week!


4 thoughts on “Week 4- Breathe, Breathe”

  1. Nancy, I trust you are having a great time with your family in New York! It’s encouraging to hear that you were able to complete what you needed as much as you could with limited time you had this week by reminding yourself “Do It Now”. It works, doesn’t it?


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