Week 3

Everything seems to be falling into place. The readings are automatic, and I am no longer self conscience to read out loud. I feel a calmness now. I am getting the things done that need to get done, and the rest isn’t as important as I thought they were. Everyday, I experience an ah ha moment. I will be posting more often, so I don’t forget this journey. The most important this week, an opportunity presented itself for my Wellness company, and I didn’t make any excuses why I couldn’t, I jumped on it! I’m so excited. I started rereading some of the information from the beginning, and made new connections.

Things are happening, I know I am growing, and better prepared to accept and move on the opportunities that are coming my way. This is only the 3rd week, so excited about whats ahead.

1 thought on “Week 3”

  1. Yay, way to go, Nancy! I am super excited for your progression and celebration already. It’s so true how great it is to expect great things that are on your way, coming to you. Law of Attraction happening!


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